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The Devil's Tailor, Liam Brandon Murray
The Devil's Tailor

An intimate exploration of artistic brilliance. The Devil’s Tailor is a deep dive into the mad mercurial mind of one of Britain’s best underground fashion designers, as he embarks on an exciting event-filled year to try and gain the recognition that has eluded him for so long.

L*extravagante - xxx

Debut music video for fresh new rock band L'Extravagante. The Four-Headed L'Extravagante are growing, creating and learning through the hard and cheerful aspects of life, trying to show the world that you can make it a better place by being unapologetically - yourself. L'Extravagante is a statement of love and brightness, crowned with force and power.

velushina thumb.jpg

A series of narrative metal music videos in development for new artist Velushina. A prophetess lurking in the shadows, surviving a violent culture war. An unknown voice with known lament. Not a spectacle, but a scene. Not a movement, but movement itself. The ageless, faceless sound haunting us all. 

Green fashion film by Liam Brandon Murray

A showcase of British Luxury couture designer Liam Brandon Murray launching his bio-degradable collection, provocatively balancing the line between erotic and macabre.

Interrail 1976, concept art
Interrail 1976

A coming of age story centered around two girls Myrtle and Brenda when they embark on a journey through 70's Europe in a pre-digitalised era from staying in seedy motels to falling in love in Paris. 

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