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Alexander Miguel is an award-winning Spanish/Norwegian director based in London with extensive experience in fashion, short film and music video production. He has a BA in Film Production from SAE Institute in Sydney and an MA of Directing from Met Film School in London. His trademark style is visually rich with over-the-top production design often featuring fantastical and surreal elements.

​With Spanish and Norwegian blood coursing through his veins, his creations are a captivating dance between cultures and creative realms. Alexander seems to be the promise of an artistic virtuoso, masterfully blending the worlds of film, fashion and music videos where reality intertwines with fantastical visions. Each piece he crafts bears the signature of his distinctively rich and extravagant style, enhancing the surreal experience of wandering through dreams. Alexander's cinematic genius elegantly blurs the lines between what's real and what's beyond, weaving a seamless and awe-inspiring tale of wonder

- Dorian Shine, Resist Art Magazine

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